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    Canon Inc. was founded in 1933 in Tokyo by Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Saburo Uchida and Takeo Maeda. Initially, the company was named 'Seikikogaku kenkyusho' (literally: Precision optical instruments lab).


    On June 1934, they realized their first camera, the Kwanon, named from the Guan Yin.

    On August 10, 1937, the company as it exists today was born under the name 'Precision Optical Industry, Co, ltd.'

    In 1947, the company took the name Canon Camera Co. and in 1949, Canon's shares are included in Tokyo's stock exchange.

    The company launches itself on the copier market in 1965, and in 1973 the first color copier on ordinary paper is launched by Canon. Then the company develops successfully a laser beam printer in 1975.

    In 1985, Canon produces for the first time in the world the BJ technology, and presents the smallest and lightest laser printer in the world.

    The first EOS camera, became a flagship of the brand, born in 1989.

    Since M. Mitarai arrival at company's head in 1995, Canon has reduced its debt, rid of less profitable activities, like PC and invested a lot in the research.

    In 2004, Canon has sold 14 million cameras, which will pass to 60 million in 2008.

    Net benefits record is to 384, 1 billion of yens (3, 3 billion USD) in 2005. An 11, 9% increase compared to 2004.
    In 2010 Canon acquired Tereck Office Solutions, Inc.


    Today, with more than 194 000 employees spread in more than 300 companies, Canon is one of the most famous and respected in the world. In 2013, Canon Inc. realized a turnover of 35, 5 billion USD.

    In 2014, Canon acquires the American firm Molecular Imprints and Milestone Systems. On February 2015, it acquires a Swedish firm very present on surveillance cameras market.