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  • Foundation:
    Adidas was founded on August 18th 1949, when Adi Dassler registered the Adi Dassler adidas Sportschuhfabrik” and set to work with 47 employees in the small town of Herzogenaurach, Germany.  On the same day, he registered a shoe that included the registration of the soon-to-become-famous Adidas 3-Stripes.

    Adidas has global corporate headquarters in Germany, and many other business locations around the world such as Portland OR, Hong Kong, Toronto, Taiwan, England, Japan, Australia, and Spain. Mainly sold in the U.S., Adidas makes lots of assets from these countries and is expanding to more overseas countries.
    In 1984. Adidas introduced a microchip in its show, now knows as miCoach, with a revolutionary sensor in the toe that clocked speed, distance and calorie burn.

    Adidas has expanded beyond shoes and into clothing, bags,  sports equipment and fitness apps throughout the years.

    Adidas is based on their employees’ extraordinary passion for a sporting lifestyle. With dedication, commitment and team spirit, they continuously innovate to establish new benchmarks in everything they do.