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    It all started in 1997, when first-time parents Maurice Pinsonnault and his wife were feeling overwhelmed by the anxiety that all new moms and dads face. Knowing that their baby was sleeping safe and sound when they were not in the room was foremost on their minds. However, they were not at ease with traditional baby monitors, which only transmit sound. They wanted a monitor that could do more – one that would also detect movement, especially the subtle little movements baby makes, asleep or awake.

    Mr. Pinsonnault had heard of a monitor in the United Kingdom that could sense baby’s smallest movements. At the time, it was a very expensive medical device, not readily affordable for most parents. So Mr. Pinsonnault bought the patent rights! He worked diligently to create a product that would give him and his wife the peace of mind they needed. He poured his heart and soul into this concept and, after extensive research and development, Angelcare was born.

    Angelcare is now sold in nearly 60 countries worldwide at a competitive price, giving parents everywhere greater peace of mind.