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    Hurricane Spin Duster
    As Seen On TV
    LS Product ID:
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    Shipping Weight:
    4.72 X 12.6 X 2.76 in
    Shipping Size:
    1 year



    Product Description:

    Dusting is the worst. Spraying and wiping all day is back-breaking work and feather dusters make such a mess. From the makers of Hurricane Spin Mop comes Hurricane Spin Duster. It's the lightweight, portable spinning duster that is like a Hurricane of clean. Spin Duster doesn't move dust around like a feather duster. It uses static electricity to pick up dust like a magnet. The secret is thousands of electrostatically charged bristles that attract and trap dust so nothing is left behind. Just press the button and it spins into action. Evict those dust bunnies with a single spin. The Hurricane Spin Duster makes cleaning and dusting impossible places like bookshelves and blinds easy. 

    The ultra-soft dust grabbing fingers leave a path of clean.
    Dust without having to move a thing! Hurricane Spin Duster works dry to you don't need to use a dust spray.
    It's the lightest and easiest way to dust.
    When you're finished cleaning, just rinse the head and let air dry.
    45 cm. reach extension for ceilings & fans.
    Includes: 2 Duster Heads.
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