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    Compact C2 Cat & Dog Vaccuum - Red
    LS Product ID:
    Model #:
    Shipping Weight:
    12.0 X 20.0 X 12.0 in
    Shipping Size:
    1 year



    Product Description:
    The Miele Cat & Dog vacuum has the perfect blend of attachments and filtration for pet owners. Also included is the Miele Active Air Clean Filter designed specifically to eliminate odours from escaping the vacuum. This Miele vacuum comes with the Miele SEB217-3 electric power nozzle for cleaning most types of carpet and rugs. This electric power brush is great for maneuvering under and around furniture with its pivoting neck and low profile design Also included is the 12″ Miele SBB Parquet bare floor brush. Along with a full tool set hidden under the lid for easy access you can be certain that dirt will not go unfound. Powered by the quiet German Made Vortex motor, you now have the choice of which level of suction you desire for your cleaning application. Underneath are three bearing mounted swivel casters for ultra mobility meaning that the vacuum cleaner pulls easily around corners.
    Length: 16.73 in.
    Width: 9.64 in.
    Height: 9.05  in.
     Weight: 13 lbs.
    Power Selection: 6 Step Rotary Dial.
    Capacity: 4.5L Dust Bag. 
    Motor: 1,200 Watt.
    Motor amperage: 9.5 amps.
    Operating radius: 9 meters.
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